FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

The American Journalism Center (AJC) was launched to provide aspiring conservative students with guidance from experienced media professionals that would encourage them to pursue careers in journalism, business, advocacy, and politics.
4200 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington D.C., DC 20016. It is downtown Washington, D.C.
You get a variety of journalism, writing and analytical experience. We give our interns an opportunity to write on a wide variety of subjects, public policy issues, and current events, in addition to growing your social media presence. All your content at the AJC will carry your byline, which many internships do not offer. It is also a very flexible and independent internship where you have control of your schedule, the topics you cover and analyze, and you will gain valuable real-life work experience in an ever-changing online landscape.
Although unpaid, this virtual-only internship offers advantages such as working from home and negotiating your schedule.
We expect professional standards from our interns, as well as the ability to be flexible and adaptable to changing news stories, subjects, and issues that arise on a daily basis.