Intern Schedule Here's a quick look at what a typical day looks like during your AJC internship.

9 AM
Arrive at office, start catching up on the news cycle

9:30 AM
Talk to internship supervisor Mal Kline for daily and weekly assignments
Coordinate events and assignments to cover them
Leave the office to head downtown for events

10-12 AM
Go to a Capitol Hill briefing on the IRS targeting scandal

12-1 PM
Attend an event at The Heritage Foundation on the direction of American foreign policy

1-1:30 PM
Head back to the office

1:30-2 PM

2-5 PM
Writing articles of the events covered today
If there is a Tea Party rally or related protest, go with Louis T. to cover it and interview people
Update social media platforms with AIA and/or AIM content
Work on projects dissecting ObamaCare’s effect on waiver and non-waiver businesses, colleges and unions